Stop doing programs that give you one benefit at the cost of everything else that matters to you, and start a program that builds everything you want.

90% of the fitness industry focuses on the outward appearance of fitness. If you have low body fat and some decent muscle, you’ll make an awesome before and after picture, even if it’s something that’s entirely unsustainable and you feel terrible. Aches and pains are considered the cost of doing business when it comes to fitness, and some wear it like a badge of honour.



If you want to become an absolute stud in terms of how much weight you move or how fast you get, you usually aren’t going to stop traffic with your six pack. Likewise, if your main goal is aesthetics, you’ll probably not become a speed demon who moves like an undercover ninja. You typically have to pick one or the other and deal with the results you get.


What if you could lose weight, gain muscle, and not sacrifice your ability to move pain-free? What if the program you used actually helped you to move better, feel better, AND look better all at the same time? I may not know you, but I know what you’re going through. Likely you’ve hit a plateau with your training where you’re not getting any stronger, losing more body fat, muscle growth has stalled, and you’re finding it hard to feel like you’re in good enough shape. There’s likely also a couple of small aches and pains, not to the point of being injuries, or maybe they are, and they’re getting in the way of you doing the best workouts you possibly can.


Your workout should get you closer to your goals, make you feel like you’re in better control of your body, and also have you moving better than you did before. If your current program isn’t doing this for you,



I’ve worked as a personal trainer for over a decade, and in that time I’ve had the opportunity to work with the following:

  • Olympic caliber athletes.
  • Professional athletes
  • National sports teams and organizations
  • Spinal rehab clients recovering from injuries, surgeries, and long standing issues
  • “Weekend warriors” looking to get the most out of their passions without feeling like they got ran over by a truck every week
  • Medical management clients
  • Average Joes and Janes looking to stay healthy

A common theme with all of them is they wanted to feel good, move well, and look hot with or without their clothes on. I’ve gone through the same thing. I’ve personally done programs focused on:

  • bodybuilding
  • powerlifting
  • “functional” training
  • speed work, sport performance, and everything in between

Whether these programs delivered great success or failure, I found myself feeling beat up and worn down by them. When I would use these techniques with my clients, they found the same thing. Some would add 100-200 pounds to their deadlift, but then complain of low grade low back pain, or sore achy shoulders that didn’t go overhead as well as before.

When I started blending elements of different programs together, I still saw similar results when I was focusing entirely on one element or another, but also didn't feel like I'd been hit by a truck every week, and didn't need to spend as much time doing active recovery on my non-training days. My clients found the same thing:

"They moved better, built more strength, felt powerful in their daily activities, and loved every second of their training."

I like hanging out with people who make me feel dumb. Dean Somerset is one such person. This isn't to insinuate, however that he's some uppity strength coach who thinks he's the smartest guy in the room - on the contrary, Dean is one of the most humble, down-to-earth people I know.


Tony Gentilcore


tablet-htMost training programs promise a lot in a very short time. When they don’t deliver on the promises, people will look elsewhere. Kick program-hopping in the face with a program that continuously makes you feel better and gets the results you wanted, plus some you didn’t know you needed.

Everyone knows fitness isn’t developed within a couple of weeks, but over the span of years of dedication and consistency. It’s the guy (and girl) who are in the gym every week, month after month, who see the best results and biggest health benefits, not the one who hits it incredibly hard for a month or 3 and then falls off the face of the earth. 12 weeks only gives you the very earliest physiological adaptations to see progress.

Most red blood cells have a life span of 120 days, meaning to see meaningful physiological changes in how your body utilizes and transports oxygen, you’ll have to train consistently for 3-4 months. That’s just to see the start of oxygen transport improvements. Your mitochondria, the cellular powerhouses that use oxygen along with carbs and fats to make energy to workout, can see upticks in their development following a single session of cardio activity, but to see meaningful increases in mitochondrial density (how much oxygen can be used and how much cellular energy can be produced) the timeline seems to be more around 16-20 weeks of consistent effort.

What does this mean? Your 30 day challenges are useless and a waste of time if you’re looking for meaningful and sustainable changes in how you look, move, feel and perform.

To see increases in muscle accretion (what muscle growth is technically called to physiologists) it would take at least a month to observe in lab settings, and a minimum of 3-6 months to show a visible difference in muscle size not chalked up to carb or water balance changes or other nutritional status changes.

As a result of these features of physiology, using a 12 week program is good, but usually needs a lot more time to see the kind of results people want in a program. It’s a convenient calendar to match to a season, a business quarter, or to a semester in school, but doesn’t technically match your physiological demands to see the results you’re after.

Additionally, most programs try to cram as much into that short timeframe as possible, meaning people leave the gym feeling crushed and wind up dropping out after only a few weeks.

Dean is one of my go to guys in when I need help finding exercises for my patients with orthopedic issues. His biomechanics/kinesiology knowledge is top notch.

Dr. Spencer Nodalsky

Family and Obesity Physician

That’s why I made it my mission to create something better.

I wanted to make a program that would address these key features:



Programming as individual as possible and adaptable to each individuals specific training environmental and schedule.

Long enough to get the results and consistency that would make training a part of their life, not just a component for a few weeks.

Make people look great, move great, and feel great.



Tensile strength is a quality of a material that allows it to handle forces applied to it without bending or breaking. Essentially, the higher the tensile strength, the more stress the material can handle.

With High Tensile Strength, the goal is to increase what you can do, in all directions and outcomes, and handle those stressors without failing. This means making you strong, stable, flexible, powerful, while increasing your cardio capability, work output, and movement competency, all while making you look more athletic, trim and powerful than ever before.


A very unique aspect of High Tensile Strength is the semi-custom program generator. Remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books from our childhood? Where you turn the page to a specific choice to progress the story in the direction of your choosing? Imagine having complete control of how, when, where, and how often your program is developed to maximize your abilities, minimize your weaknesses, while also letting you train as hard as possible.

This program gives you the ability to choose your own outcomes by customizing the workouts to your specific situations in this easy to follow system:



preferences (extension vs. flexion, high mobility vs. low mobility) with a simple self assessment

build muscle or burn fat

commercial facility or minimal equipment home gym

2, 3, or 4 days per week

Exercise glossary with each exercise offering a coaching video, as well as an easier version and harder version for each. Over 400 exercises to choose from!!

Once you’ve drilled down to the specific program you want and need, just show up and follow along with the workouts and how they’re laid out.

Dean Somerset is a movement genius. What does that mean? He is the opposite of why most people become frustrated with fitness. He will make you better and remove your pain–all while helping you see more results. It’s what the best coaches know how to do, and Dean is part of an elite group.

Adam Bornstein

New York Times Best-Selling Author Bornfitness.com


High Tensile Strength incorporates training methods from bodybuilding, powerlifting, martial arts, gymnastics, yoga, pilates, and endurance sports, all to build a hybrid program that accomplishes a lot in a very simplified manner.

The program length is 6 months, meaning you have a ton of time to see the results you’re looking for and build the consistency in the gym to make it a part of your life. The 6 months is broken into 2 phases, each 3 months in length, allowing for progressions on the program to build off previous months and to accomplish even more than a single 3 or 4 month program.

If 6 months sounds like a big commitment to make, just think about the last 6 months and how quickly they’ve flown by. Then think about the 6 months prior to that and how much of a blur they were. I’m going to help you along the way, too. Each week I’ll send you email updates, motivational concepts, helpful tips to get more from the workouts and life in general, and help keep you on track.

There’s 48 different customizable tracks to choose from, each 6 months in length. This means there’s 288 MONTHS OF WORKOUT PROGRAMMING INCLUDED IN THIS PRODUCT!! This gives you over 20 YEARS of programming if you wanted to go through every single workout. With the progressions and regressions for each exercise, this means there are limitless possibilities to your workout variety.



The workouts are awesome, without a doubt, but focusing on the exercise and not including info on nutrition will only help you get the very bare basic benefits of any program. That’s why I recruited Karol Sekulic, Registered Dietician and Precision Nutrition certified coach to help outline a nutritional strategy and plan of action to help you get the absolute best benefit possible. Karol gives in-depth information on:

  • Where most nutritional programs fall short.
  • How to change your mindset about food, and how to develop a better relationship with what you eat.
  • Self-assessments to see where you need to make changes with the least effort to see the best results.
  • Simple recipes to help you eat healthy on the run, PLUS sample meal plans for different caloric intakes to get your diet on track right out of the gate.
  • A realistic gameplan you can use today to get the most out of your diet, while still having the flexibility to let you have a life.

Dean Somerset has quickly emerged as an outstanding resource in the fitness industry. I really enjoy reading his stuff, and I’m sure you will, too.

Eric Cressey



Now that I’ve told you a little about this program, let’s talk a bit about some of the most common problems standing in the way of most people trying to achieve their goals in terms of physical ability and how they look.

Everyone moves differently. Viewing anatomical differences, there can be a wide range of different shapes, alignment, and orientations of the hip joint between different people. One person could have a hip joint that allows them to squat to the floor with ease while another person would have difficulty getting to even parallel. There’s even a potential difference between one person’s left and right hips! Some studies have shown individual differences to positioning by 10-20 degrees between left and right hips on a regular basis, meaning a single program given to everyone will only be beneficial for a small set of the population that qualifies for that specific workout.


The first part to beginning High Tensile Strength is a simple 5-minute self assessment to determine your movement profile. This helps to determine whether you would do best with movements that involve more of a flexion position or posture versus extension, and also whether you have a high degree of total body mobility or not. Essentially, if you have a ton of range of motion, there’s no point in having you do a lot of stretching. If anything, more stretching with a lot of mobility could actually create problems and pain.

I’m as guilty of this as anyone. You try a program for a week or two, get bored, and try to move on to the next hotness while it’s still in high rotation all over the internet. The downside to that is as outlined earlier, most physiologic changes take time. A much longer time than 1 or 2 weeks. So hopping around or changing focus too often just develops the ability to workout, not the specific outcomes of those workouts.


High Tensile Strength gives a big variety of workout options, ranging from equipment available to scheduling to even switching the individual exercises, but most importantly it gives you a timeframe long enough to see results, while taking all of the guess work out of the programming so you can just show up, get in the days training, and head home. Consistently showing up and putting in the work will get you the results you’re looking for, and High Tensile Strength gives you the chance to build that very consistency.

This self assessment seeds you into 1 of 4 possible outcomes, helping to give you the most individualized and semi-custom workout possible.

Let’s say you decide to take a vacation. It happens, doesn’t it? We can’t all just work every week of the year and not go insane. But when we go on vacation we’re usually out of our elements. We might not have access to a gym, or the gym we do find might not have all the equipment needed to do the workout we’re looking for. Additionally, maybe you travel for work and occasionally have to do a workout in your hotel room, or in a hotel “gym,” which essentially consists of a broken treadmill and total gym while doubling as a broom closet for the janitors.

Maybe you’re used to doing workouts at home, and all of a sudden you find yourself in a situation where you could go to a gym and use some more equipment than you’re used to. You want to stay on target and keep the momentum going, but don’t know where to start in converting your at-home workout to an in-gym workout.


High Tensile Strength has the option of doing minimalist workouts with nothing but an elastic band, light dumbbells (or homemade options) and bodyweight, or going through a gym based workout with the availability of barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, cables and elastics. I’ve built the workouts to use equipment every facility would have, so no rare machines or specialization equipment needed.

If you have to travel and find yourself in a minimalist setting, you could take your workouts with you and just look up the bodyweight version of the current month of your program and keep the momentum going. Same goes if you’re used to doing your workouts at home and find yourself in a gym. Just look up the same months’ programming in the gym-based setting and you’re good to go.

The portability and versatility of the workouts means no matter where you are or what you have available, you can still get in your workouts.

Many programs focus on getting women smaller and men bigger. They don’t look at how the individual moves, whether they’re stronger for their size, or able to develop better work capacity.

The downside to this is that many basic and universal tenets of health and physiology tend to get missed, such as strength is beneficial for everyone, muscles respond to loading and range of motion, everyone should be able to use their range of motion as effectively as possible, and sweat builds character.


I put a group of 63 people through High Tensile Strength a year before it was released to see what the results of the programming was. The split was roughly 60% women, 40% men, and the results were equally impressive in both cases. Men gained muscle and lost fat. Women gained strength, a small amount of muscle, and SHREDDED FAT LIKE CRAZY. Some of the women in the group added 100 pounds or more to their deadlift, while dropping more than a couple pants sizes. So much for the myth that lifting heavy makes women bulky.

The guys in the group got stronger too, but also developed a huge change in their range of motion testing, plus lost bodyfat while gaining muscle.



High Tensile Strength comes with the following included in the purchase price:

check-mark6 months of semi-custom workout programs under 48 different tracks

$499 value

check-markExercise glossary with over 400 custom coaching videos, progressions and regressions of each exercise used in the program

$399 value

check-markWeekly followup emails

$49 value

check-markNutrition guide

$99 value

check-markLifetime free updates


Total value of entire package


To do 6 months of online coaching with me directly will cost easily over $1000. You want to train with me in person for each and every workout? That will be well over $7,000. My witty personality drives up the cost significantly.

I’m not looking to make this a pricy venture that would limit who could take advantage of this program and have it change their lives. Because of this, you can get my best training with nearly unlimited variability to make the workouts entirely your own, for a mere fraction of the price I could charge for it.

Dean Somerset is one of my “go to” resources in the fitness industry when I have a question that requires awesomeness. I can say without a doubt or any hesitation that few have the knowledge around rehab, movement dysfunction, physiology, program design and training. Not only that, Dean has the priceless “under the bar” experience that many trainers are lacking to be able to actually apply this knowledge in a real-world setting and with real clients.

James “Smitty Diesel” Smith


This is a one-time payment. No further charges will ever be required. TODAY YOU CAN PICK UP THE ENTIRE PACKAGE FOR ONLY.

6 month semi-custom workout program
video library
exercise progressions & regressions
weekly follow up
6 month semi-custom workout program
video library
exercise progressions & regressions
weekly follow up
Nutrition program
6 month semi-custom workout program
video library
exercise progressions & regressions
weekly follow up
Nutrition program
Swag kit

And here’s the best part. I want you to be happy with this and have zero buyers remorse, because I know this program will change your life and make your workouts immeasurably better. Because of this, if you’re not happy with the workouts, you don’t get the results you thought you would get, or feel in any way unhappy with your purchase, you can get a full 100% refund within 30 days of your purchase. In other words, if you don’t like it, you don’t pay for it.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’ll give you a full 4 weeks to engage in every aspect of HTS, do the workouts, and see how the program progresses, and if you’re not happy every cent you paid goes right back to you. Every. Last. Cent. You won’t even pay the fees associated with sale reversals. That’s on me. Like I said, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Nathaniel Clarke

Dean Somerset's High Tensile Strength program over-delivered on everything I was hoping from it. I'm bigger, stronger and leaner than I've ever been, and feel like this is just the beginning.  There were a wide range of exercises that kept things interesting, and I continued to get stronger and move better throughout the program. Dean manipulates every variable to keep making you better. I'd recommend High Tensile Strength without hesitation.


BEFORE 89 103 102 35 57 40.7
AFTER 87 107 101.5 36.5 60.5 41

Basil Kessler

I began the program looking for ways to include appropriate dynamic stretches to meet my low flexibility needs.  I got precisely what I wanted and am very excited about the improved ROM I have developed during these many months.  Even though I was not able to exercise as frequently as I had hoped, I was able to use the prescribed stretches and experienced important gains in my flexibility. As a middle-aged male, I found the progressive programming easy to follow and valued the anaerobic and aerobic elements of each workout.  Nice job Dean!


BEFORE 91.3 103 96 29.6 49.2 38.8
AFTER 91.2 103.8 96.2 29.9 49.7 38.9

Zack Byler

The training programs Dean has put together were exceptional, difficult, and well thought out. The video demonstrations are top notch. Dean put a ton of work into balancing the intensity and volume for a wide assortment of different people, with different time availabilities. HTS is by far the most personalized training program available to the public without actually purchasing the services of a high quality personal trainer such as Dean!

Nattha Nornthuk

I am a scientist who also trains clients. Dean is the single most influential person on how I think about fitness. Training with Dean is like an internship because I learn something every time I see his programs. He totally makes use of all possible training parameters, some I didn't even think existed. I love the hybrid between physical therapy and fitness. He makes it fun and fascinating. He is also a very engaged coach. I have no idea how he does everything he's doing - training in person, teaching courses, attending conferences, maintaining his blog, writing for other websites, online courses, online coaching, and still has time to reply to my emails and give feedback to all my videos for form-checking. That's why online coaching with Dean is one of the best value you can get among all your options for online coaching. 

The online group coaching program was a very interesting experience. While Dean is not dogmatic, he definitely made us work really hard. Some of the phases were the highest volume program I ever did, so that tested my mental strength, but in the end I liked it. I saw my body shaping up nicely, and my movement dysfunctions are improving. (Had I been more strict with my nutrition, I could've become ripped once again.) I have been recommending Dean to so many people whether he knows it or not. 

Jordan Rudolph

I was coming off of a rare knee surgery in which the rehab went terribly wrong.  4 weeks of no activity turned to 6 weeks of no activity to 4 months of no running, lunging, or squating.  I was done, and as a trainer, I was struggling BIG TIME.  I sought out Dean because of his wealth of knowledge and know-how that he presented in his products and seminars.  Since I couldn't work directly with him, I thought this would be the next best thing.  The program was full of everything Dean: deadlifts, farmer carries, deadlifts, squats, deadlifts, and planks. The "Finishers" were brutal, yet incredible.  I know a lot of my fat loss results (over 10 pounds) came from those finishers.

More importantly, I gained my stability back after knee surgery.  After working through an array of new stability and mobility exercises, I gained full function back in my knee plus more range of motion through other joints like my hips.   I loved the program.  It was built to help each participant succeed because of the flexibility Dean offered.  Whether it was in a gym, on a beach, 2 days, or 4 days a week, Dean had it covered.


BEFORE 88.3 101.6 101.5 32 54.5 38.5
AFTER 87 104.2 95.3 29.9 49.7 38.9

Jill Deschamps


BEFORE 79.5 89 104 29 61 37
AFTER 77 86 104 29 61 37

Ilkka Aatsinki

Before starting in the beta test group I had high hopes for the program I was going to follow for six months. I never could have guessed how much I enjoyed the experience and how my expectations were greatly exceeded. HTS gave me the best training experience I've gone through so far. I feel, look and perform better than ever before. I also learnt several new tricks in the process. Additionally, the challenges I faced with HTS taught a lot about myself. While the training was rewarding, it sure wasn't easy all the time and you were pushed to your limits, in a good way.

It's really easy to recommend the program to my contacts, no matter what's their current fitness level or what are they trying to accomplish with weight training. I guess the best possible compliment for Dean and his programming skills is that I'm looking forward to completing the HTS program time and time again.


BEFORE 88 100 104 35 62 40
AFTER 87 101 108 36.5 62.5 40.5

Kedric Kwan

The high tensile strength was a comprehensive strength training program that helped me move better and looked way more awesome. Dean’s intelligent approach to programming catered to my needs and helped me achieved great results throughout this 6 months period. I’ve not only gotten stronger, but I did it all without a single injury! Thank you Dean for the great program, I highly recommend it!

Karolina Sekulic

I followed Dean's program for 5 of the 6 months. I took a 1 month hiatus while on vacation where there was no access to gym facilities, so I hiked or walked , lifted heavy things when the opportunity presented, did HIT training once a week and did push-ups daily and got back to the program as soon as I was the city.

This was a challenging program that improved my strength and flexibility! I even added 35 lbs to my hip thrust..I'm at 225 lbs!! I liked the variety of the workouts even on the 4 day workout plan, it didn't get repetitive. I did exercises that I had never seen before. I liked that Dean was in all the videos and gave such specific tips that I was really clear how I was to do the program. Since I relatively new to weight lifting (about 2 years), I loved the specificity of the videos.

Tamara McGovern

Dean Somerset is an expert in his field and probably one of the most progressive personal trainers in Alberta, Canada. He expertly programmed for me throughout my first pregnancy and when the opportunity arose to test his new product I was excited to use his expertise to build up my fitness to where it had been.

I chose the Muscle Building aspect of the program and despite not adhering to a disciplined diet, I was able to shed a considerable amount of fat. In addition to fat loss I added 25lbs to my conventional deadlift, a PB from before my pregnancy. I did not think that I would ever be able to get back my strength after having a C Section, but thanks to High Tensile Strength I have regained, and even surpassed, everything that I thought I had lost for good!


BEFORE 76 86 110.5 30 57.5 36
AFTER 70 83 93.5 27.5 53.5 36

Danilo Coccia

I liked Dean’s approach in his programs (Foam Rolling 101, Post Rehab Essentials), so I was intrigued by the idea to try his fitness program. The program duration appealed to me because I hadn’t been training since a few months, so I figured that it would have been a more feasible approach for me. I haven’t been disappointed.


BEFORE 102 100 106 30 53 39
AFTER 99 99 104 31 51 40

But if you’re still not convinced, let me break it down further:

  • Has your current program managed to get you to where you wanted to be, in terms of strength, mobility, and appearance? If not, do you think doing more of the same will result in a bigger difference?
  • Do you feel great following your workouts, or beat up? If you feel beat up, does it feel like that beat up feeling is giving you progress and is necessary, or just you being sore and hating life as a result?
  • Is your current program so strict that you can’t take it with you on vacation or a work trip, or customize a workout around your abilities and troubles? Can you go out for a night on the town and not ruin the entire world?
  • Do you have an actual gameplan of where you want to be in 6 months or even 6 weeks from now in terms of your physical abilities and appearance? If not, do you think you’ll ever get there?
  • Are you stronger, fitter, and looking better than you were 6 months ago? If not, why do you want to stick to the same thing that’s not giving you the results you’re looking for?

High Tensile Strength will give you the customization you need, the versatility to take the workouts with you everywhere you want, and help you get the body you deserve, all while helping you to use that body in a wider appreciation than you thought possible, all without you having to devote your entire life to an unsustainable approach that crushes you and makes you not want to workout any more once it’s done.

When you have a gameplan to achieve your results, you’re going to be more likely to achieve them. I’ve taken all the guesswork out of programming so all you have to do is plug and play your specific workout, put in the work, and reap the rewards.

You have to want it. You have to put in the work. And you have to stay the course.

I want to help you do this. Let’s get going.

Click the button to get your copy of High Tensile Strength.


On the other hand...

  • Maybe you like the complacency of routine. At least you’re going to the gym, which is better than 90% of the population out there.
  • The aches and pains you experience are normal. Everyone gets them and they rarely get in your way, except when you want to do something out of the ordinary.
  • You prefer to just do what’s available in your workouts versus following a set plan. I’ve done that before. Sometimes a move-around workout is the best thing going. Sometimes, but only if you have a structured program to do the rest of the time.
  • Maybe you’re focusing on a specific sport or goal outcome and you have a program dedicated to that. This program wouldn’t be right for you, unless you wanted to move better in conjunction to doing your sport. I have had competitive athletes from 5 different sports do this program and all saw their in-competition performance improve, so maybe there’s something to say for it.

If any of these are you, that’s cool. You don’t need to read any further. Keep on keepin on. However...

Would you say any of these apply to you?

  • No program has ever felt like it’s set up specifically for you?
  • You’re tired of following workout programs designed for hardcore bodybuilders, the fluffy pink 3-lb dumbbell crowd, or your cousin’s friend who has their trainer certification but has never worked with a person other than themself?
  • You’re in “decent” shape but feel you have movement issues that keep popping up in sore back, knees, shoulders, and general feeling of being older than you are?
  • You want a workout you can take anywhere, do at any time, and with any equipment you have available, and STILL see the results you’re looking for?

Then you should give High Tensile Strength a shot and see what it can do for you. Remember, you have a guaranteed money back offer to make this a zero-risk venture if you’re not happy. If you think it’s too good to be true and my offer of improving your look, movement, and general feeling of awesomeness, you can call me out for it and get your money back.

When we surveyed attendees after the 2015 Fitness Summit, a substantial percentage listed Dean Somerset’s presentation on instant mobility as their favorite. That’s not faint praise. The consensus among repeat attendees is that we had the strongest lineup of speakers and best mix of presentations in the 13-year history of the Summit.

Lou Schuler

author of the New Rules
of Lifting series

FAQs and SAQs (Should Ask Questions)

A. I don’t know. Each injury is different so I can’t say whether yours will be impacted positively or negatively. That being said, there’s progressions and regressions to each exercise given, and what I would ask you to do is try it to the best of your pain-free ability. If it hurts, don’t do it. Get checked out by a doctor or a chiropractor or a physical therapist, maybe even a voodoo shaman, I won’t judge, but make sure this workout program isn’t going to cause you damage as you go through. There’s always risk going on with any physical activity program, so understand that before you get into the nitty gritty of it and realize the workouts weren’t beneficial for you. That being said, by picking a workout program that’s somewhat customized to your ability, you have a better chance of not causing pain with the movements.

A. You can take the bodyweight/Spartan workout with you to get the workouts in while in a hotel room or your aunt Gladys’ basement without needing specific equipment. Just jump into the same month of the program so you can stay on point versus getting into month 3, taking your trip, and then using day one of the first month and starting back at the beginning again. If you’re in a metabolic phase, I don’t want you going through a foundational phase workout again since you’re further forward than that.

A. There’s equipment substitutions throughout. I’ll have a glossary of exercises to accompany the program so that you can see what to switch out without screwing up the flow of the workouts and without making the pages like War and Peace long.

A. Try not to. Just like if you’re cooking a meal based on a recipe, make the recipe first before you tinker with it. If you’re cooking some French dish like a cassoulet and you start adding paprika to the dish just because you enjoy paprika, you’re not eating cassoulet any more. And don’t tell me you didn’t just Google the hell out of what cassoulet is. Know this: it’s delish.
Stick to the workouts as written as much as possible. If you specifically have to do some sort of corrective exercises for your specific situation, that’s absolutely fine. If you want to do anything additional to these days, pick a couple of the metabolic conditioning workouts each week.

A. Not really. If you have some you normally take, go for it. I’m pretty minimalistic when it comes to supplements, so I would normally only recommend a vitamin pack, protein shake following a workout, and maybe some creatine if you’re looking to gain mass. Otherwise, if you have specific things you enjoy and like to take, go for it. Otherwise, we’ll keep it minimal.

A. Absolutely, but try to make sure you’re pairing similar kinds of exercises as listed in the workout. For instance, don’t do deadlifts and glute ham raises together if it’s listed as deadlifts and then dumbbell chest presses. If you need to switch up the chest presses, switch it to pushups instead as it’s similar to the exercise you’re substituting out.

A. Yes, there’s a regression to each exercise to make it easier, but also there’s a volume component that you can adjust to make it more appropriate for you. For the first week or two, I would recommend cutting the number of sets in half to make sure you’re not blowing up. For instance, if there’s 4 sets listed per exercise, cut it to 2. If there’s 5 sets listed per exercise, cut it to 3.

A. This is very individual to how you are affected by your cycle. That just means you have to find what works for you. Some options you could utilize would be to decrease the load, decrease the volume, or switch it out to one of the recovery workouts given. Essentially, don’t feel like you’re locked into the workout, and adjust as needed.

A. You know your body better than anyone else, so if you’re really gassed out and can’t do it, follow the recommendations listed for the menstrual question before. That said, if you’re just feeling tired and cranky, you may need to do a gut check and get your mind right to make sure you’re making the kind of progress you’re working towards achieving. We can convince ourselves of pretty much anything, and that includes stating that we’re “tired” or even worse “exhausted.” If you just pulled a double shift moving scrap iron while under the gun from your supervisor to hit a specific quota without any meal or pee breaks, then you’re probably exhausted. If you just feel like you need a hug and a cookie, get in the gym and work it out. If you’re truly exhausted from the workouts you’ve been going through, then you’ve earned a recovery day or even a day off. Don’t be afraid of taking one, but make sure it’s for the right reasons.

A. Use a range of motion that works for you, don’t feel like you have to turn into a ballerina or anything like that. For instance, for a single leg RDL, if you can only lower the weight to mid thigh without shaking and losing your control, that’s as far as you go. That’s perfectly acceptable. If you can hit the floor but fall as soon as you touch the weight to the ground, keep it back one or two inches so that you can maintain control throughout the process. It’s in there for a reason, so work on increasing your performance at it and make sure you’re staying patient and under control.

A. Most of the workouts should only take around 1 hour to 75 minutes, depending on the time used for rest, but understandably some workouts could take a bit longer depending on spacing, gym set up, etc. If the workouts are too long, one option could be to cut out one set from each of the strength exercises to reduce the overall time. This way you’re still getting the benefits from the exercises without crushing your schedule.

A. It’s hard to say without knowing the specifics of the injury. I take a lot of considerations to teaching how to do specific movements, and also include a list of regressions and progressions for each exercise to adjust the intensity appropriately for as wide of an audience as possible, but everyone is different. What would normally be a very therapeutic exercise for one shoulder could be traumatic for another. Always look to get clearance from a medical professional before beginning any exercise program, and that includes checking with a health care provider if you have a history of long-standing or acute injuries.


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6 month semi-custom workout program
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exercise progressions & regressions
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6 month semi-custom workout program
video library
exercise progressions & regressions
weekly follow up
Nutrition program
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